This micronutrient is customized to your body's individual nutritional needs.

Your cells need the right micronutrients to function optimally. Rootine identifies your unique needs, delivers a precision-personalized formula, and helps you track your health progress with next-gen data analytics.

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We identify the exact nutrients to fuel your cells - with incredible precision.

Rootine determines your precise biological needs based on your genetics, currently blood status, lifestyle habits, and more. Your personalized daily nutrient formula is delivered via microbead technology to ensure precision dosing and optimal bioavailability. 

:heavy_check_mark: Nutrient doses accurate to the milligram
:heavy_check_mark: Identify and support genetic weaknesses
:heavy_check_mark: Achieve optimal blood nutrient levels
:heavy_check_mark: Targeted nutrition to support brain, bone, and heart health
:heavy_check_mark: Fill in nutrient gaps to perfect your unique diet
:heavy_check_mark: Track your cellular score and experience real-life benefits

What our members are saying

"As a nutrition professional, it’s extremely difficult to find supplements that don’t take a broad assessment of their demographic. Understanding the potential for adverse effects and toxicity of certain vitamins when over consumed, it was vital I found vitamins that were tailored to my specific needs. Insert Rootine! I have finally found a service that puts the customer first and does all the heavy lifting to determine what you need for optimal health. In addition to the known health benefits of individualized nutrition, I feel great from taking Rootine for the past few months. I have been and will continue to refer people to this company."


"I hated spending 10 mins a week filling a giant pill case with my vitamins and supplements. Replacing that routine with rootine (ha, punny!) has been awesome. I save time, it costs about the same, and it's more tailored to me. As a bonus, travel is so much easier as I can grab the number of packets I need and go. I would love it if there were some additional options I could add to my supplements for SPECIFIC things I'm trying to add, but overall the convenience and quality seems to be worth it."


"Finally a way to take my vitamins without the gag of huge pills and capsules!! Particularly after becoming pregnant and still after my son was born, I really struggled with getting my vitamins down and keeping them there. This was such a great new delivery system, I just had to give it a try. I am on my 4th month now and won't go back! Additionally, I really appreciate that these are geared toward my DNA. The Rootine team also worked with me to make some additional tweaks and customizations at my request. Awesome customer service every time I've had a question or request. Thank you!!!"


"I’m a bit of a health nut and have taken a variety of vitamins for the last five years. It took a lot of experimenting and money to find the right combination for me... but then I found Rootine. I especially appreciate Rootine because the vitamins are made specifically for my individual needs since we all know there is no one size fits all for nutrition and health. I can’t wait to do the blood test to hone in even more on how my body processes vitamins and make the adjustments necessary to optimize my health 'rootine!'"


Used by the best in the nation.

Professional football player Brian Burns relies on customized micronutrition from Rootine to keep him performing his best.

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DNA and blood testing is optional. Members may import their data from Ancestry or 23andMe along with blood work from their GP at no extra cost.

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